Sunday, November 19, 2006

Teenage Glitterati

I ventured out to the State Theatre to see the films screened at the Robin Anderson Film Awards for high school student filmmakers hosted by Margaret Pomeranz on Friday evening. The salubrious setting and industry sponsorship was as interesting to witness as the films. Glamorous teenage glitterati met with an industry hungry for new ideas, fresh perspectives and energy.
The short films often contained an upbeat humour, incredible visual sophistication and technical ability aided rather than hindered by programs such as photoshop and i-movie. Many of the films, divided into categories fiction and non-fiction, junior and senior students, revealed themes of lonliness, isolation and anxiety. This rawness and vulnerability I hope will be respected rather than consumed by the institutions that net such talent.
Robin Anderson's legacy is also as a powerful social justice advocate. With this competition hopefully she will inspire students from all over Australia to use film as a medium for expressing their concerns, exploring and generating interest in issues they feel are important.

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