Friday, December 01, 2006

Guerilla Graphics

Anna Hillman also wrote her dissertation for her eco-design degree call 'Amazingness' that encourages Londoners to encounter their habitat as a living breathing organism.

"I developed a 'campaign' to encourage people to explore and to engage with their local environment. The idea is that people not only begin to look around more but to experience their environment with their other senses as well. However long you have lived somewhere there are always things you haven't noticed, and new things to find.
The messages are very transient, they will persist for a few days at most, so there is no getting used to them; they will keep springing up in random and surprising locations and disappearing almost as fast.
My criteria were, firstly, not create any waste at all (e.g. flyers); secondly, not to be destructive (e.g. permanent paint or scratching surfaces); and thirdly, I wanted my message to be positive, to engender positive feeling and action."

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