Sunday, February 18, 2007

Balls for Breakfast

A remarkable doyenne of humour sent this email response to my recent shout out telling people about this very blog (and that if they didn't pass it on to 10 friends that I'd have their balls for breakfast). Her name is Madame R.

I have no balls
as you can see,
there is no need to shout
i've seen your blog and
loved to read
what it was all about

to 10 friends I will not send
your email that I read (reed)
because my friends who
do have balls
those same balls they will need

but what I'll do
in case their dreams
they wish will all come true
is mention you
and of your blog
that I can surely do

so please take heart
Talisa dear
as I've no doubt at all
that when they read all you wrote
they'll get an extra ball

that will cause a secret smile
to flash upon their face
and that is all just because
of mrs. tulip's space.

you can see from this pome
articulate I am,
it's not a load of rubbish
to delete as spam

so treasure this
as one day,
it will become clear
that these same words
that I writ
will live as of Shakespeare

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