Sunday, February 04, 2007

Under the Sign

This image is one of the 40 photoshopped by tracey moffat in her under the sign of scorpio series of influential women 2005

My hero for the week is Fran Leibowitz who speaks her mind, is a brilliant photographer and wiley celebrity read a great feature interview with her in ruminator here

eg On American Anti-intellectualism

I think television is at its root. Almost all the things that the 1950s intellectuals said about television were true. They said it was going to end conversation, that it was going to make people stupid—all those things turned out to be true. The thing the 1950s intellectuals could not see, however—the truest and worst thing about television—is that the world would go inside the television set, and that TV would end reality. Television is not a form of entertainment the way movies are, or music is. It’s not a form of entertainment at all. It is what has replaced real life.

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