Thursday, April 12, 2007

Go Play with Fire!

Over the Easter weekend I stayed with a bunch of marauding musical Romany gypsies at a gathering called Utsiben in Wollombi valley north of Sydney. My friend Sarah sang with her band Lolo Lovina at the local wine bar. We dined on stew cooked in a cast iron pot on the camp fire. My 10 year old godson got to play with fire, horses, kids, wagons, music and mud.


Anonymous said...

How 'Romany' were they really?
Australia's full (or so it seems) of folks in painted carts who play eastern European folk music badly, but gypsies are real people - a race, not just a subculture you can join because you left your office job.

mrs tulip said...

Yes, these guys are the real deal. Sarah is Romani and sings in Romane. Her band Lolo Lovina has a website, you can take a look here
Thanks for your comment,
Regards from Talisa