Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's Easy Being Green.

Okay, it is official. I have been typecast. Taking a stand can result in feeling like a cliche, but at least its a good cliche and I use my powers for good not evil.

Whilst handing out how-to-vote cards for my local Green candidate in pre-storm heat last election day I observed the right wingers handing out how-to-vote cards had that plastic wrapped look of entitlement. Their flyers looks remarkably star spangled in glossy red, white and blue with the slogan 'We'll Fix It' bringing to mind Bob the Builder. The dictionary definition of 'fix' is interesting: to make immobile. They cast disparaging curses my way and were decidedly unfriendly.

The blue jeaned ALP guy was there because his dad promised him beer and pizza for dinner. His commentary of passing voters amused me. When a young girl skipped past riding a toy horse his dad quipped "There goes a donkey vote" and his son retorted "I think the neighs have it".

A tightly upholstered young woman very politely asked passers by if they were interested in accepting one of her "Vote for the Shooters" cards. Spooky.

I turned my eye towards myself; dressed in my baggy yoga pants, straw sun hat and greens mambo t-shirt and realised I look not unlike the hippies with whom I teach at an alternative school. At least I refrained from wearing cheesecloth. I was sitting on the step in the shade, a little slumped. After all, in a conservative blue ribbon seat that has been represented by Liberal members about a hundred years, what was the point in getting sweaty? A cloud of despondancy hung over my head.

Then I realised that if I wasn't there, the Greens would have been unrepresented at that particular booth. I was suprised by the number of people who indicated they would be voting green and gradually gained enthusiasm. I am so glad my brain is not plastic wrapped.
"Vote for the environment!" (No trees = no air! No air = no life! No life = no shopping!)
I exercised my democratic right to at least have my say by taking a stand for a party with humanitarian and sane policies that I can live with. Every election it seems more and more people are looking for alternatives. Now more than ever we need to consider our options carefully and intelligently. Vote for the

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