Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nothing and Everything

Inspired by this dyptych by Liz Shuman and stuff I read in Naomi Wolf's 'The Treehouse' about nothing and everything I am painting the sky today.

"Rosa was aiming the camera upward, concentrating. What did she see? I
looked up too. Nothing was there. Then I looked up again. It was one of those
moments my father taught me about. What would I notice?

I could see clearly enough that a child was about to waste perfectly good
film by preparing to click a camera at nothing. Or I could choose to notice, as
the child was, the frame around the 'nothing': after I stared for a few seconds,
I understood that the tops of the pine trees came together, because of the
perspective, in a ragged circle. Light was streaming through the centre of the
circle and some of the shafts reached all the way down to the earth.

Nothing or everything? It depends on what you were looking at.

'Grandpa is really going to like this picture,' said Rosa. She tilted her
head back further and took a photograph of the empty sky."

p.308 'The Treehouse' by Naomi Wolf

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eshu said...

what a fabulous snippet to pair with my dippy...

thank you again mrs. tulip... whoever you are