Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sorry About Their President is a list of apologies 'from Americans to the rest of the world' about President Bush. to date there are 1678 sorry notes.
Name: Gina
Location: Arizona

I was not part of the process of voting due to being too young to vote. But I was thoroughly disappointed and completely enraged with the United States and it's ignorant decisions to make president George W. Bush the president for one more term. If anything, he should have been strapped to a chair and danced around by lesbians and gays while being slapped by tortillas and mexican food. The weirdo republicans in the bush campaign have made themselves into catastrophical enigmas of the world, and they deserve to be ran over by diesel trucks and drowned in bullets, followed by hit by old text books that are quickly running out of date on account of their cuts on education and the arts. I'm so sorry. We'll do better next time.

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