Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seeing Red

Chatres Cathedral digitally modelled in milk crates by artist Lauren Brown as her graduating piece, part of a series of 3 digitally manipulated photographs of 3 french gothic cathedral naves, made from milk crates.

She worked from images of the interiors of the churchs and in building them, got to know and study the cathedrals intimately. she recently visited Notre-dame in Paris and said walking into the church was like a home coming - that she already knew what it was going to look like and how she would feel. She reported that she even found herself doing the sign of the cross out of habit - almost genuflecting before remembering that she wasn't in the catholic school system anymore and could just walk on by. Visiting Notre-Dame you probably feel uplifted anyway, whatever your creed or otherwise, but for her, it was a special little nod and a wink to the beginning of her art career and a nice nudge to keep going.

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