Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Home Again

After any courageous expedition it is good to return home for tea and scones. This is the Enid Blyton Principle and works every time. How good does a meal of cold meats washed down with lashings of ginger beer taste after catching a gang of smugglers? It tastes jolly good, that's what!
As a child I loved to escape into the adventures of children who were brave, fair, effective, wise, smart and free to roam the country-side seeking adventure.

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little egypt said...

Welcome home

I too loved escaping into Enid's mind, so primed to capture the imaginations of children, anything I could gt my hands on... the Secret Seven, Tales from Fairyland, Noddy or the Faraway Tree. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures in the Faraway land and to share some of mine, I have a new blog: http://cairowalker.wordpress.com/