Monday, November 05, 2007

Ogre odour

The ogre is uncivilised, unintelligent, antisocial and brutal. He rules by force, bullying to gain power and control. Ogres are normally unskilled at magic and have a large penalty when attempting to learn and control magic. It’s not that ogres fear magic, they just don’t understand it and they often become quickly impatient and frustrated with the magic of others.
Ogres realize that magic, when properly controlled, can be very powerful. Since they themselves are terrible at magic, they usually kidnap, bribe, blackmail and torture to get it. Ogres love magic items, especially those which yield great power with a minimum of effort. In ogrish society, justice belongs to the strong. Anything you can hold on to is your. Theft is common. Debt and credit is common, but usually solved violently. Trade and barter is the rule although many foreign forms of currency pass through ogrish lands. Inheritance is not a formal legal issue. When an ogre dies, all possessions are fought over.

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