Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mind's Eye

After an industrial accident rendered him blind at aged 22, Zoltran Torey learned tom use his mind's eye to picture people's faces, houses, landscapes and activities. With practice he was able to create images in his mind, then fine tune then with feedback and clues from his other senses. Walking down a street he would picture the houses, and where there was an acoustic gap he would look, visualising along what he thought might be a driveway with a garage and gardens.
While understanding that these images are approximations, Zoltan's ability to generate, hold and manipulate the pictures in his mind had many benefits, allowing him to "see" and enjoy the world around him. Psychologically these mental techniques meant he could continue to live in a world of light and colour.
As his confidence increased he found himself able to visualise more complex mechanical and technical problems, and later to replace the roof guttering on his multi-gabled house (much to the alarm of his neighbours). While typing he would watch the key's hitting the paper and even see the typing mistakes.

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