Tuesday, February 05, 2008


the radiant mother; the radiant one; here is knowledge and here is wisdom – here is the radiance that comes with that grand knowledge; here is the radiance that comes with that grand wisdom
the loving mother gives; anyone filled with love gives, even before the asking: so does Saraswati, so does Sharada give; in small steps, in gradual steps, in measures apt for the child she weans; the mother provides the essence (shar) - the sweet mother provides that which none can give: the essence of the knowledge of the Self ; she provides when you are ready; you will know when you are ready
here is the Mother Maha (Grand; Supreme) vidya (Knowledge): here is Mother Mahavidya.O the foolish and the arrogant and the conceited say, I know this; I know that – but with time, but with the cycles of birth and being, as our ego weakens, as our arrogance ceases, Mahvidya provides that knowledge so that knowledge may be abiding in us, so that that knowledge may radiate in us.

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