Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Out of Order

"This beautiful artwork is from a project called out of order, a conceptual revising of the library, by installation artists Laurenz Brunner and Marianne Viero. The piece above is #1, out of a total of six pieces. The backs of library books are mounted on a wall, with all the alluring faded shades of paper and cloth covers. It's almost as if the light that faded the book covers is present in the piece. You are drawn in to picture the books on shelves for years, the light spilling in from large windows, the quiet library." (reviewed by Tay Macintyre on Found Object)

Out of Order #1, as presented in Gallery Fons Welters, Amsterdam, Aug. 2005 installation view: 53 library books mounted on wall 200 x 300 cm


admin said...

a lovely piece. one of the most inspiring things i've seen in ages. thanks for letting us know about this....

Tay said...

Hi there!

I am flattered to find you read my blog and include it on your blog roll! Your blog is really cool and I'm glad to have found it.

However, I'd like to ask you to not use my writing directly without indicating you are quoting me. It's also nice to link back to not only the actual feature that I wrote on my blog, but to the original artist and their site.

Thanks so much!

mrs tulip said...

Hi Tay,
Thanks for your comment. There is actually a link back to the artist's website in the title of the post, as there is on most of my posts.
Sorry for quoting you without adding your name, I have amended this.