Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soda -Jerk

Soda-Jerk is a collaborative team of 2 Australian sisters who are digital remix artists. Their practice is a combination of paper and digital collage, scratch video and popular culture sampling, Soda Jerk sources material from popular culture such as record covers to Elvis films, hip hop music and Stanley Kubrick creating new narratives and meanings.

Soda-Jerk’s feature length movie Pixel Pirate II: Attack of the Astro Elvis Video Clone is made of samples from over 300 films and songs. It is referred to by the artists as a sci-fi/biblical epic/cheesy romance/action flick. The story goes that space pirates abduct Elvis Presley as part of a scheme to destroy the Ten Commandments of Copyright Law, laid down by Moses in prehistory.

source: geekgirl & sodajerk

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