Sunday, June 14, 2009

(Not) Living in Public

Ondi Timoner's documentary 'We Live in Public' is a cautionary tale that documents the crazy projects of dot com bubble millionaire Josh Harris. In the film we get to see the surveillance of one pre-911 art scene in New York: the hedonistic, pointless performances by those who wished to validate their lives by living them on camera. The film highlights some of the tacky aspects of humanity that are played out both on line as well as off line.
Unfortunately the mogul's 'art' projects lack design integrity. His social experiments are intrinsically cruel and paint a very bleak picture. They are devoid of any kind of conscience not to mention basic netiquette. They are to discerning audiences what junk food is to those of us who eat organic. We don't buy it.
It is my hope that we can educate the myspace generation to cherish their privacy and value the communities that support healthy limits.

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