Sunday, July 11, 2010

Censorship vs Discernment

Every yogi learns that our thoughts are ultimately meaningless, or rather, not as meaningful as we think they are. The act of censoring them is also kind of pointless and we force those deemed 'bad' into the shadows where they lurk and fester. We get attached to these judgements basing all sorts of stuff on them from personal ideology to personality.
Letting go of the mind chatter is tricky, yet when we do whole new worlds of experience open up. We are conditioned to believe the chatter is real yet when we unpack it a little we can see it is so restrictive. It blocks us from connecting with our guts, our hearts and all the senses.
Discernment requires us to process this corporeal information. We may be wrong and right. We have space to apply intelligence and are more equipped to try new approaches.

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