Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frog, lily, dog, frond and stick

To stay warm on a cold desert night sleep between two small fires and close to your dog.

Helen Lovee is a recent Central Saint Martins' graphic design graduate.
Artists statement: I identified ecology as common ground for all Australian people and an issue that could unite aboriginal and non-aboriginal Australians. 'Frog, lily, dog, frond and stick' is a set of five hand-drawn, digitally printed works that communicate the essence of the traditional aboriginal Australian philosophy. This is a way of thinking that promotes an intelligence of reserve, respect and resourcefulness. By illustrating how the traditional aboriginal people obtained their basic needs in a sustainable way I hope to portray the aboriginal people as role models for approaching the current environmental problems and in turn reduce the deep-rooted rift between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Australians.

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