Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fiona Hall

This birds nest was made by Fiona Hall as part of an installation titled Tender. There are dozens of fragile nests made with shredded American dollar notes precisely mimicking the nests of a variety of birds. The work provides commentary on the effects of modernisation, global markets, deforestation and the impact on natural wildlife habitats. We question the value of profit over diversity and wildness.
Fiona Hall is one of Australia's most prolific and most interesting artists. Born in Sydney (1953) and based in Adelaide, Hall began her career in photography but has extended into diverse media including sculpture, installation and garden design. Her work is characterised by its use of ordinary objects and materials which are transformed into complex and allusive objects.
Her work provides oppertunity for audiences to consider that which we have collectively accepted as 'normal' by causing a kind of double-take when we look at the objects she has made.

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