Friday, March 14, 2008

Joao Machado

"Everybody needs a map, a way to see the world. We need maps to understand the physical world we live in. We look to maps to understand the spiritual world, as in astrology, for example. We need maps to understand each other in the constant exploration. An exploration of both the extent of the galaxy and the depths of our own inner space."

Joao Machado Swimming 130x89 collage 2007

the map room


Tim said...

I saw the original work in the window of La Galerie Valmay in Paris in 2009. I love it! From across the street I didn't realize it was a collage of map pieces and was astonished when I got a closer look. My next impression was informed by the thought of my grandson who is now 7. He shares the impudent quality of this young swimmer. It says, "Look at me!"
Wish I'd had 6000 euros to blow at the time.

Anonymous said...

I love Swimming, 2007! Tim, at least you got to see it in person....I would love to enjoy this painting in my home.