Thursday, November 06, 2008

Found Magazine

Have you ever wondered what to do with that hand written note you found at the bus stop? The one with a prophetic message that unravelled a problem your psyche was pondering at the time.

I love collecting them, even when it turns out the scribbled note is only a discarded shopping list. The good ones end up pasted into my journal. They exist as evidence of small ordinary intimacies.

Such detritus of mundane existance is transformed into art thanks to this on-line internet site. You can post all those found items such as handwritten notes and photos and anything you find to the site. Some items have even been reunited with their respective original owners.

There is an apology note written by a child who had a tantrum (we assume) whilst playing monopoly on vacation with his family in a cabin somewhere far far away. It is very sweet. The comments thread that follows is an hilarious interweaving of conversations.

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