Friday, November 07, 2008


The conceptual artist Jenny Holzer now uses internet community sites such as Twitter as her exhibition space for the truism series. Her Twitter Truism for today is SLIPPING INTO MADNESS IS GOOD FOR THE SAKE OF COMPARISON
Holzer's work makes profound statements about the world of advertising and consumer culture. By presenting an assemblage of phrases that mimic advertising slogans through vehicles commonly used in advertising, such as electric billboards, coffee mugs, and commercials on cable and network television, Holzer questions what our eyes can see and what we can't see in media.
An element of surprise is crucial to her intentionally provocative work. The information she broadcasts is very different from the statements that would normally appear on these public formats. She makes us question clich├ęs and how they influence our behaviour.

Statements that we hold to be ‘true’ or conventionally believe consciously or subconsciously appear absurd when presented as written in stone (literally) or in flashing lights on a billboard.
TV Spots, Velencei Biennale 1990

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