Friday, October 27, 2006

Six Feet

Last weekend I hiked the 'Six Foot Track' which was originally the only route from Katoomba when people travelled by horse and buggy to visit the Jenolan Caves. My eyes grew accustomed to seeing only nature in just a few days I felt I had stepped back in time, reminded of the 21st century only when we stumbled upon a freshly tarred freeway. Oh and when my mobile received an sms or two.
We carried everything on our backs. I applied the pack-very-lightly-then-beg-borrow-and-steal- things I may actually need (like water) strategy.

When I arrived home totally exhausted I watched the entire 5th season of Six Feet Under. Mmmm.

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little egypt said...

Well Mrs Tulip, you have been busy - blogging and wandering all around this fabulous country of ours.

Thanks for inviting me along on your journey. looking forward to musings on the red centre.